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• The world of Velgarth is devastated by magic wars and humans flee to the eastern coastline and then move westward forming the kingdom of Valdemar.

• In Valdemar live the Companions, horses who choose Heralds with whom they form a lifelong bond. The monarch by law must be a Herald.

• The Heralds act as administrative overseers, dispensers of justice, information gatherers and even temporary military advisers.

• The Monarch's own is chosen by a special Companion who never ages and is a herald is the closest adviser to the monarch.
• Karse, another kingdom, has King Sendar assassinated and his young daughter, Selenay assumes the throne.

• Talamir, the Queen's own at that time has Selenay make an ill-advised marriage which produces a daughter, Elspeth.

• Elspeth is a spoiled girl and it seems obvious she will never be chosen by a Companion. Talamir plans to send her away from bad influences...

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