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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Salters?
(a) The school's former history teacher.
(b) The school's former principal.
(c) The school's former librarian.
(d) The school's former music teacher.

2. Which of the following describes Deidre Fitzgerald?
(a) A short, heavy-set woman with glasses.
(b) A petite, fashionable woman.
(c) An elderly woman with short hair.
(d) A tall, slender woman with a kind voice.

3. Who is Hugo Black?
(a) A Supreme Court Justice
(b) A participant in the debate.
(c) A school janitor.
(d) A student in Maggie's class.

4. What is Barney's full first name?
(a) Barnett.
(b) Barnum.
(c) Barnabas.
(d) Barnard.

5. Which of the following books is mentioned as having been attacked in the past?
(a) Animal Farm.
(b) Pride and Prejudice.
(c) The Catcher in the Rye.
(d) Oliver Twist.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he can't find the book that he wants, what does Deirdre offer Barney?

2. What does Nora Bates make her class do in addition to studying their textbooks?

3. What does Barney want to do as an adult?

4. What position does Deidre Fitzgerald hold at the school?

5. How does Nora react to the complaint over Huckleberry Finn?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Principal Moore attempt to calm Mr. McLean over what he finds offensive in "Huckleberry Finn"?

2. How does Nora react to Principal Moore asking her to pull "Huckleberry Finn" from her class?

3. Describe Nora Baines.

4. On what grounds is Gordon McLean offended by "Huckleberry Finn", and what has done about it?

5. What reaction do we see from Kate when Barney comments that "it doesn't feel right" to refer to authors as 'she' in the abstract?

6. What example does Matthew Griswold use to demonstrate that freedom has become less individualized?

7. What does Nora explain eventually happened to Mrs. Salters? What might this indicate to Deirdre?

8. How does Nora explain Mrs. Salters' departure?

9. What is Principal Moore's response to Nora's vehement refusal to allow "Huckleberry Finn" to be removed from her class?

10. What are Griswold's beliefs about censorship?

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