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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During her appearance on television, on which point did Deirdre state her agreement with Kate?
(a) That freedom is dangerous.
(b) That citizens should be protected from offensive material.
(c) That there is sexism in Huckleberry Finn.
(d) That Huckleberry Finn should be banned.

2. What does Barney ask Principal Moore about the interview to determine whether it is fit to be published?
(a) Whether it would be offensive to the committee.
(b) Whether there are any spelling mistakes.
(c) Whether it is obscene or libellous.
(d) Whether his sources are reliable.

3. In class, how does Barney describe "Huckleberry Finn" to Gordon?
(a) As unintentionally offensive.
(b) As a great work of American literature.
(c) As a story that transcends racial issues.
(d) As a book about two men who care for each other.

4. What does Kate say Gordon should not have to be reminded of in class?
(a) Discrimination.
(b) The Huckleberry Finn controversy.
(c) Prejudice.
(d) Sexism.

5. Who argues with Principal Moore about the publishing of the Salters Interview at the beginning of Chapter 14?
(a) Deirdre Fitzgerald.
(b) Kate.
(c) Carl McLean.
(d) Barney and Maggie.

6. What does Maggie suggest might happen if Barney offends Principal Moore?
(a) Principal Moore might take legal action.
(b) Barney might be suspended.
(c) Barney might be removed from the school newspaper staff.
(d) Principal Moore might interfere with his college applications.

7. How does Principal Moore try to convince Deirdre to remove the books from the library?
(a) By offering her a pay raise.
(b) By expressing that it's for the good of the school.
(c) By threatening her job.
(d) By describing it as a kind and compassionate act.

8. At the end of the chapter, what does Barney proclaim is now a personal issue for him?
(a) The "Huckleberry Finn" controversy.
(b) The First Amendment.
(c) The running of the school paper.
(d) Racism.

9. At the beginning of Chapter 11, some students object to staying in what sort of class?
(a) A racist class.
(b) An oppressive class.
(c) A harmful class.
(d) An offensive class.

10. What did the Governor of Georgia do in the story Lomax told?
(a) The Govenor overturned a ban on "Huckleberry Finn."
(b) The Govenor abused his power to make positive changes.
(c) The Govenor attempted to have books supporting integration burned.
(d) The Govenor restricted the freedom of the press.

11. What does Principal Moore tell Deirdre to do if a student asks for Huckleberry Finn?
(a) To give them detention.
(b) To tell them it is out.
(c) To tell them to get it from the town library.
(d) To give them a copy of the book.

12. What is Steve's belief about Twain's use of the word 'nigger'?
(a) That Twain was trying to insult black people.
(b) That Twain used it because it was a common word in the past.
(c) That Twain used the word to bring scorn to the characters who said it.
(d) That Twain didn't know it was offensive.

13. What does Moore say of his past with Karen Salter?
(a) That she took advantage of the situation.
(b) That she blackmailed him.
(c) That she was right.
(d) That she misunderstood the issues between them.

14. What has Barney written for the school paper?
(a) A profile of Principal Moore.
(b) An investigation of Prinicipal Moore's censorship.
(c) An editorial about Huckleberry Finn.
(d) An interview with Deirdre Fitzgerald.

15. What organization has also filed a complaint against the book?
(a) The Organization for Educational Morality.
(b) Christians for American Schools.
(c) The American Education League.
(d) Parents for Moral Schools.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moore commend Barney on?

2. What does Nora feel should never occur?

3. What does Moore ask Deirdre to do with the library's copies of Huckleberry Finn?

4. What does Nora say is actually tried when a book is on trial?

5. What does Luke question Barney about in regards to the school paper?

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