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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Luke and Barney see a lack of at the review hearing?
(a) Teachers.
(b) Students.
(c) Parents.
(d) Women.

2. Which of the following is not a member of the review committee?
(a) Frank Sylvester
(b) Cynthia Morgan
(c) Ben Maddox
(d) Helen Cook

3. A teacher at the school has filed a complaint against the book for what reason?
(a) Violence.
(b) Sexism.
(c) Religious intolerance.
(d) Drug and alcohol abuse.

4. Who does Reuben Foster tell Principal Moore to share the School Board's decision with?
(a) Nora and Deirdre.
(b) The media.
(c) The George Mason faculty.
(d) No one.

5. Who argues with Principal Moore about the publishing of the Salters Interview at the beginning of Chapter 14?
(a) Deirdre Fitzgerald.
(b) Barney and Maggie.
(c) Kate.
(d) Carl McLean.

6. Who do Evelyn Kantrow and Stanley Lomax represent on the committee?
(a) The community.
(b) Students.
(c) Teachers.
(d) Parents.

7. What does Griswold suggest should happen with the book?
(a) The book should be freely available to students.
(b) The book should be removed from the school.
(c) The book should be moved from required reading to suggested reading lists.
(d) The book should only be taught to senior students.

8. What has Barney arranged to meet Karen Salters for?
(a) An interview.
(b) To introduce her to Deirdre Fitzgerald.
(c) Journalistic advice.
(d) To return a book.

9. What does Nora ask Griswold?
(a) Whether he has even read "Huckleberry Finn".
(b) Whether he respects women.
(c) Whether he is an agent of the Soviet Union.
(d) Whether he believes in free speech.

10. Who is Steve Turney?
(a) The father of a student in Nora's class.
(b) A student who writes for the school newspaper.
(c) The only black student who remains in the class.
(d) A member of the School Board.

11. Where is the school board meeting held?
(a) The school auditorium.
(b) The town hall.
(c) The public library.
(d) The school cafteria.

12. What makes Kate question her original beliefs?
(a) Comments from Barney.
(b) Deirdre's comments on TV.
(c) The media coverage of the controversy.
(d) Turney's speech.

13. Who admits to ignoring Frank Sylvester and Helen Cook since the vote?
(a) Nora Baines.
(b) Maggie Crowley.
(c) Principal Moore
(d) Deirdre Fitzgerald.

14. Which Charles Dickens novel had Moore requested Karen remove from the library?
(a) "Great Expectations".
(b) "Our Mutual Friend".
(c) "David Copperfield".
(d) "A Tale of Two Cities".

15. How does Principal Moore try to convince Deirdre to remove the books from the library?
(a) By offering her a pay raise.
(b) By threatening her job.
(c) By expressing that it's for the good of the school.
(d) By describing it as a kind and compassionate act.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Karen suggest is the reason Principal Moore wanted the Dickens novel removed?

2. Who does Kate say she would like to see debate Carl McLean?

3. What does Kate say is the only way to fight a lie?

4. What does Moore claim in his local TV interview?

5. What did the Governor of Georgia do in the story Lomax told?

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