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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In class, how does Barney describe "Huckleberry Finn" to Gordon?
(a) As a great work of American literature.
(b) As unintentionally offensive.
(c) As a book about two men who care for each other.
(d) As a story that transcends racial issues.

2. Who is Reuben Foster?
(a) The head of the School Board.
(b) A teacher at George Mason High School.
(c) A newspaper reporter.
(d) A representative from The American Civil Liberties Union.

3. At the end of the chapter, what does Barney proclaim is now a personal issue for him?
(a) The First Amendment.
(b) The "Huckleberry Finn" controversy.
(c) The running of the school paper.
(d) Racism.

4. Who do Evelyn Kantrow and Stanley Lomax represent on the committee?
(a) Teachers.
(b) Parents.
(c) The community.
(d) Students.

5. What does Griswold suggest should happen with the book?
(a) The book should be freely available to students.
(b) The book should be removed from the school.
(c) The book should only be taught to senior students.
(d) The book should be moved from required reading to suggested reading lists.

6. At the beginning of Chapter 11, some students object to staying in what sort of class?
(a) A harmful class.
(b) A racist class.
(c) An oppressive class.
(d) An offensive class.

7. What does Moore ask Deirdre to do with the library's copies of Huckleberry Finn?
(a) To put them under her desk.
(b) Mail them back to their publisher.
(c) Hide them in a closet.
(d) Bring them to his office.

8. What does Nora ask Griswold?
(a) Whether he respects women.
(b) Whether he is an agent of the Soviet Union.
(c) Whether he has even read "Huckleberry Finn".
(d) Whether he believes in free speech.

9. What does Barney say will happen when his story is published?
(a) The "Huckleberry Finn" issue will be quickly settled.
(b) Principal Moore will be fired.
(c) He will be expelled from school.
(d) Karen Salter will be a heroine.

10. What does Barney state that no one should have the right to do?
(a) Force a person to read a book.
(b) Scrutinize another person's book selections.
(c) Stop someone else from reading a specific book.
(d) Criticize the words authors choose to use.

11. Which committee members voted to keep Huckleberry Finn 'free' in the school?
(a) Deirdre and Matthew Griswold.
(b) Deirdre, Stanley Lomax and Ben Maddox.
(c) Deirdre and Nora.
(d) Deirdre, Kent Dickenson, and Cindy Dennis.

12. What is the outcome of the board's vote?
(a) The vote is split and the committee is dissolved.
(b) Huckleberry Finn is banned from the school.
(c) Principal Moore loses his job.
(d) Huckleberry Finn is kept free from restrictions.

13. Who recants their original vote to ban Huckleberry Finn in a newspaper editorial?
(a) Matthew Griswold.
(b) Reuben Foster.
(c) Sandy Wicks.
(d) Carl McLean.

14. What book does Kate cite as not possibly offensive to anyone?
(a) Vanity Fair.
(b) Goodnight, Moon.
(c) Pride and Prejudice.
(d) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

15. What area is it decided copies of "Huckleberry Finn" should be moved to?
(a) The librarian's desk.
(b) A glass display case.
(c) The "American Classics" shelf.
(d) The restricted shelves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barney's father say often comes of those who avoid the issues when pressed for details?

2. Which TV program interviews Barney?

3. What are Reuben Fosters personal feelings for Principal Moore?

4. Where is the school board meeting held?

5. Who, by law, is prevented from controlling the school newspaper?

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