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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the class Maggie Crowley teaches?
(a) American Point of View.
(b) American Problems.
(c) American Debates.
(d) American Geography.

2. Who is Barney named after?
(a) A famous author.
(b) A comic strip character.
(c) His grandfather.
(d) His uncle.

3. What does Nora ask Matthew Griswold?
(a) Whether she can grade him on his Americanism.
(b) Whether she can grade him on his individualism.
(c) Whether she can grade him on his socialism.
(d) Whether she can grade him on his professionalism.

4. How does Nora react to the complaint over Huckleberry Finn?
(a) Wearily.
(b) Dismissively
(c) Angrily.
(d) Joyfully.

5. What is the topic of the debate Maggie invites Nora and her class to attend?
(a) Freedom of the press.
(b) Censorship.
(c) Individual freedoms.
(d) Constitutional rights.

6. What is supposed to happen when complaints are made about books in the school library?
(a) The complaints should be ignored.
(b) The books should be banned immediately.
(c) A book review procedure should take place.
(d) The complaints should be submitted to the school board.

7. In which situation does Deirdre state that she is terrifying?
(a) When she spots an empty parking space.
(b) When she first wakes up in the morning.
(c) When she is lied to.
(d) When her back is against a wall.

8. What does Nora say Tocqueville felt Americans truly ruled?
(a) Themselves.
(b) The fields of science and technology.
(c) The global economy.
(d) The modern age.

9. What did Principal Moore fail to have Mr. McLean do?
(a) Fill out a complaint form.
(b) Contact the school board.
(c) Leave his telephone number.
(d) Take his son home.

10. What nickname do Barney and Luke have for their principal?
(a) Moore the Bore.
(b) Mighty Mike.
(c) Mr. Say-no-Moore.
(d) Monster Mike.

11. Who does Kate claim truly ruled in America?
(a) The rich upperclass.
(b) The lobbyists in Washington.
(c) Male, white people.
(d) Powerful businessmen.

12. For what purpose does Barney suggest finding Mrs. Salter?
(a) To interview her for the school newspaper.
(b) To convince her to return to the school.
(c) To throw her a party.
(d) To get her advice on an essay.

13. What does Mr. Moore consider searching the school for before Mr. McLean arrives?
(a) Deirdre, so she can join the meeting.
(b) A more comfortable chair for his office.
(c) An image of Martin Luther King.
(d) A copy of "Huckleberry Finn".

14. What point does Griswold make about the Supreme Court upholding the separation of Church and state?
(a) That American will one day suffer as a result.
(b) That people will support a change someday.
(c) That slavery and segregation were once upheld, too.
(d) That the Supreme Court is full of clowns.

15. How did Kate learn about what happened to Mrs. Salters?
(a) From her mother.
(b) From Mrs. Baines.
(c) From the local newspaper.
(d) From Principal Moore.

Short Answer Questions

1. In a class discussion, what does Kate note about authors?

2. At Deidre's former place of employment, who was responsible for choosing the books?

3. Why does Griswold believe high school students should not be allowed to have free choice?

4. What does Nora anticipate will happen at the school over the "Huckleberry Finn" issue?

5. Who is Kate Stevens?

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