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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Luke think of Gordon's reaction to Huckleberry Finn?
(a) Luke thinks Gordon is right.
(b) Luke thinks Gordon is misunderstanding the story.
(c) Luke thinks Gordon is overreacting.
(d) Luke thinks Gordon is seeking attention.

2. Which of the following books is mentioned as having been attacked in the past?
(a) Animal Farm.
(b) Oliver Twist.
(c) The Catcher in the Rye.
(d) Pride and Prejudice.

3. What does Barney want to do as an adult?
(a) Barney wants to be a teacher.
(b) Barney wants to be a researcher.
(c) Barney wants to be a writer.
(d) Barney wants to be a librarian.

4. For what purpose does Barney suggest finding Mrs. Salter?
(a) To throw her a party.
(b) To get her advice on an essay.
(c) To interview her for the school newspaper.
(d) To convince her to return to the school.

5. What does Luke compare his mother to in an effort to convey the lack of freedom in his life?
(a) A warden.
(b) A school principal.
(c) A police officer.
(d) A fairy tale step-mother.

6. Who bounces a book off of Kate's head?
(a) Luke.
(b) Barney.
(c) Principal Moore.
(d) Gordon.

7. How does Maggie hope to get her students to learn to think for themselves?
(a) By having them hear educated people speak on all topics.
(b) By assigning lots of homework.
(c) By making them read newspapers daily.
(d) By letting them set the curriculum for the class.

8. What does Barney say about his parents?
(a) They trust him.
(b) They don't seem to notice him.
(c) They follow his every move.
(d) They treat him like an adult.

9. What does Nora state about books in general?
(a) That books are easily misunderstood.
(b) That books are a valuable teaching tool.
(c) That books aren't meant to be taken personally.
(d) That books all offend one person or another.

10. What did Mrs. Salter do after fighting with Mr. Moore about what was happening in the library?
(a) Mrs. Salter burned a pile of books.
(b) Mrs. Salter quit her job.
(c) Mrs. Salter threw books at Mr. Moore.
(d) Mrs. Salter took an extended vacation.

11. Who is Hugo Black?
(a) A Supreme Court Justice
(b) A participant in the debate.
(c) A student in Maggie's class.
(d) A school janitor.

12. Who will represent The Citizen's League for the Preservation of American Values in the debate?
(a) The Mayor.
(b) Matthew Griswold.
(c) Carl McLean.
(d) Principal Moore.

13. Why does Griswold think schools should introduce religious concepts?
(a) Modern kids are lack morals.
(b) Parents don't have time to teach religion.
(c) You need knowledge of religious concepts to get into college.
(d) Schools are a place of learning.

14. In Chapter 7, what is said to be the enemy of true freedom?
(a) Prejudice.
(b) Racism.
(c) Dependence.
(d) Tyranny.

15. What point does Griswold make about the Supreme Court upholding the separation of Church and state?
(a) That American will one day suffer as a result.
(b) That people will support a change someday.
(c) That the Supreme Court is full of clowns.
(d) That slavery and segregation were once upheld, too.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the debate being held?

2. When he can't find the book that he wants, what does Deirdre offer Barney?

3. What does Barney ask Kate to make her call him crude before walking away?

4. What, according to Dickenson, is the best way to fight a lie?

5. What does Mr. Moore believe will happen in Nora's class?

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