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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which situation does Deirdre state that she is terrifying?
(a) When she first wakes up in the morning.
(b) When her back is against a wall.
(c) When she spots an empty parking space.
(d) When she is lied to.

2. What does Carl McLean demand?
(a) That the book be removed from the school.
(b) That his son be transferred to another school.
(c) The Nora be fired.
(d) That the library be closed.

3. What does Barney ask Kate to make her call him crude before walking away?
(a) Barney suggests Kate doesn't know how to read.
(b) Barney suggests the book should be more sexist.
(c) Barney suggests the books be burned.
(d) Barney suggests Kate drop the class.

4. Which of the following authors is mentioned as having been attacked in the past?
(a) Charles Dickens.
(b) F. Scott Fitzgerald.
(c) Kurt Vonnegut.
(d) Jane Austen.

5. What does Luke think of Gordon's reaction to Huckleberry Finn?
(a) Luke thinks Gordon is misunderstanding the story.
(b) Luke thinks Gordon is seeking attention.
(c) Luke thinks Gordon is overreacting.
(d) Luke thinks Gordon is right.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nora suggest the students use instead of "he" or "she" to refer to authors?

2. What action does Gordon take after reading Huckleberry Finn?

3. Which of the following books is on the reading list for Nora's class?

4. What does Nora Bates make her class do in addition to studying their textbooks?

5. What does Mr. Moore believe will happen in Nora's class?

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