Daily Lessons for Teaching The Day They Came to Arrest the Book

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Daily Lessons

Objective: The first chapter of the novel introduces a number of key players in the story, and hints at issues between the previous librarian and the principal. This lesson will discuss the author's use of foreshadowing in the first chapter of "The Day They Came to Arrest The Book."

1) Class discussion: The conversation between the history teacher, Nora Baines, and the new librarian, Deirdre Fitzgerald, brings up a number of questions for the reader. It is evident that there had been some friction between the old librarian and the principal, but what could be the cause of this friction? What does Nora tell Deirdre about the old librarian? What does she say that foreshadows future issues? What does Nora's comments concerning the problems of the previous years indicate about her feelings of the principal? If problems should arise again, how do you think she will react?

2) Group...

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