The Day They Came to Arrest the Book Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* The school year is beginning at George Mason High School.

* Mrs. Salters, the school librarian, has quit her job.

* The new school librarian is Deidre Fitzgerald , a tall, slender woman with a kind voice.

* The history teacher, Nora Baines, is introduced.

* Nora tells Deirdre about problems with assaults on books that occurred in the previous year.

* It is made clear that Mrs. Salter quit over the "resolution" of the complaints against the books.

Chapter 2

* There are outbursts from Kate in Nora's history class on the subjects of sexism and racism.

* Nora introduces the book "Democracy in America" to the class.

* Barney notes that those who are alone in their thinking are often treated like criminals.

* When asked about Mrs. Salter's departure, Nora tells the class that she was offered a better position elsewhere.

Chapter 3

* Gordon McLean tells a fellow student, Scott Berman, that he has filed a...

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