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Short Answer Questions

1. What errand does Passepartout accomplish before boarding the train to cross America?

2. What does Fogg spend his first day back in London doing?

3. How many passengers from the train are rescued?

4. What does Fogg say to his friends at the Reform Club?

5. After taking the man's vehicle, where do Fogg and his party take the next train?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fogg react when he sees Colonel Stamp Proctor on the train in America?

2. Fogg does an extremely good job solving the travel obstacles throughout his journey. How does he solve the issue of missing the steamer in New York?

3. When Fix sees Fogg and Aouda in San Francisco, he acts as though he has not seen them since Yokohama. Why? How does he resolve this issue?

4. What happens to Fogg as soon as he is back on British soil in Liverpool? How does he feel about this challenge?

5. What happens within the first twelve hours Fogg and his traveling party are on board the Henrietta? Why?

6. What do we see happening to Fogg's character and appearances in Chapter 32? How has he changed throughout the book so far?

7. How does Fogg react to the train passenger's disappearance? What does this say about the changes in his character?

8. What do Fogg's friends at the Reform Club plan to do if he does not show up on time? What do they believe Fogg may do?

9. How does the relationship between Passepartout and Fix change in America?

10. What problems do Fogg's actions aboard the Henrietta cause? What is Fogg's solution?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chapter 36 is a confusing chapter for the reader. The reader has believed up to this point that Fogg already lost his wager, but now he appears just seconds before the time expires and wins his wager. What techniques does Jules Verne use to reveal this surprise to the reader?

Essay Topic 2

The reader can see throughout the story that Passepartout plays a significant role in Fogg's journey, but he also does his fair share of slowing Fogg down. List the ways that Passepartout hinders Fogg's journey. Are his actions malicious? Why or why not? Why do you believe Verne presented Passepartout as a challenge to Fogg, even though Passepartout was not one of Fogg antagonists?

Essay Topic 3

What reason does Fix give Passepartout aboard the General Grant for now supporting Fogg's journey? Why is it important to Fix that Fogg complete his journey? What is Passepartout's reaction? Should he go to Fogg? Why or why not?

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