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Short Answer Questions

1. What game does Fogg enjoy playing at the Reform Club?

2. What is the name of the city Fogg and his traveling party are traveling to from Hong Kong?

3. What color eyes does Aouda have?

4. What time does Fogg return home from the Reform club on the night he and Passepartout leave?

5. What train station do Fogg and Passepartout go to in order to leave London?

Short Essay Questions

1. After all the excitement of rescuing Aouda, Fogg and his party are still able to able to arrive in Calcutta on time. How does Fogg feel about the progress they are making? Why is that significant?

2. What does Fogg discover over breakfast at the Reform Club, and how does this spark his journey?

3. Why does Fix repeatedly hope for Fogg's journey to be delayed? How does he attempt to delay them?

4. Describe Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout. How are the two different?

5. In Suez, Detective Fix and the British Consul disagree about something. What do they disagree about and why?

6. How does Fogg find passage out of Hong Kong? Where are they heading? What is significant about Fogg and Aouda leaving Hong Kong?

7. What mix of emotions does Passepartout experience when he reaches Yokohama?

8. Who does Passepartout begin to suspect Fix represents? Why?

9. What ways do Fogg, Sir Francis, Passepartout, and their Parsee guide attempt to rescue Aouda? Who is able to successfully rescue her and why?

10. What does Aouda discover about her cousin in Hong Kong? What does this mean for Fogg and his traveling party?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fogg has many adversaries throughout the novel. Who are they, and what challenge does each person represent?

Essay Topic 2

The reader can see throughout the story that Passepartout plays a significant role in Fogg's journey, but he also does his fair share of slowing Fogg down. List the ways that Passepartout hinders Fogg's journey. Are his actions malicious? Why or why not? Why do you believe Verne presented Passepartout as a challenge to Fogg, even though Passepartout was not one of Fogg antagonists?

Essay Topic 3

Chapter 36 is a confusing chapter for the reader. The reader has believed up to this point that Fogg already lost his wager, but now he appears just seconds before the time expires and wins his wager. What techniques does Jules Verne use to reveal this surprise to the reader?

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