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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What train station do Fogg and Passepartout go to in order to leave London?
(a) The London Cross.
(b) Charing Station.
(c) The London Station.
(d) Charing Cross.

2. Why does Detective Fix issue a warrant for Fogg's arrest?
(a) Fogg is wanted for murder.
(b) He believes Fogg is the bank robber.
(c) He believes Fogg has taken his servant hostage.
(d) The Club members accuse Fogg of robbing the bank.

3. What happens on the voyage from Singapore to Hong Kong?
(a) The steamer breaks down.
(b) The steamer runs into a reef.
(c) The steamer is stopped by pirates.
(d) The steamer runs into bad weather.

4. Who refuses to go below on the Tankadere?
(a) Aouda and Passepartout.
(b) Aouda and Fogg.
(c) Fix and Fogg.
(d) Passepartout and Fix.

5. Who does Passepartout meet with regularly to share a drink and discuss the voyage?
(a) Another male servant he met on board.
(b) Phileas Fogg.
(c) The British Consul.
(d) Detective Fix.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Captain's ship Fogg and his party take from Hong Kong?

2. What does Detective Fix tell Passepartout in the tavern?

3. How do Fogg and the other men attempt to rescue Aouda at first?

4. What ship has been delayed by boiler repairs?

5. What is the name of the city Fogg and his traveling party are traveling to from Hong Kong?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fix respond to Fogg's kindness aboard the Tankadere? What is Fogg's response? Based on what you know of each character, are their responses a surprise?

2. How do Fogg and Fix react to one another on the docks when they find out the Carnatic has already sailed?

3. What does Fogg discover over breakfast at the Reform Club, and how does this spark his journey?

4. How does Fogg react to Aouda's growing affections toward him? Why?

5. Describe Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout. How are the two different?

6. Fix has boarded the Rangoon along with Fogg and his party. Why does Fix seek out Passepartout on board, and how does Passepartout react? Why?

7. What circumstance brings Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout together?

8. Who does Passepartout begin to suspect Fix represents? Why?

9. What does Detective Fix divulge to Passepartout in the tavern? What does he do to Passepartout? Why?

10. Passepartout's aggravation with delays in his master's journey have continued to build throughout the story. How does Passepartout react on the Rangoon, and how are his reactions different than Fogg's? Why is this significant?

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