Around the World in Eighty Days Fun Activities

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Trace the steps of Fogg

On a world map, pinpoint each location in which Fogg and his party stop. Draw a line between each point to represent each leg of the journey. For each leg, list the members of the traveling party and how they traveled.

Your trip around the world

If you could go around the world, where would you stop? List 16 locations you would love to visit and why.

Letter to the author

Write a letter to Jules Verne. Describe your likes and dislikes about the book. How would you have changed the story if you could? What questions would you ask?

Movie Poster

They've just decided to make a 21st century movie version of Around the World in 80 days. Create the ultimate movie poster.

Re-write the story

How would the story be different if Fogg really was the bank robber? Re-write the ending of the...

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