Around the World in Eighty Days Character Descriptions

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Phileas Fogg

This member of the Reform Club of London is an English man of middle years with a stable, no-nonsense personality.

Jean Passepartout

This French person has many professions and wants to have a settled life without any excitement and respect for the employer.


This character is a Parsee Princess, educated in the European way, who is rescued in India.

Detective Fix

This character is the bumbling detective, who represents the single-mindedness of British Victorianism and Imperialism.

Sir Francis

This character is a Brigadier General living out his life in India.

Parsee Guide

This character provides guidance through the jungles of India's subcontinent.

Colonel Stamp Proctor

This character is the American rioter, who represents the uncivilized American society. Verne presents this character to illustrate his contempt toward dueling and its senselessness.

Elder William Hitch

This character is a Mormon and lectures on the train from San...

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