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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Douglas Kent Hall
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Short Answer Questions

1. What health improvement occurs with a bodybuilding exercise program?

2. After how many months of freehand exercise can you safely enter a weight training gym?

3. What is one important factor that should be considered when choosing a gym for progressive resistance weight training?

4. How much of a rest period should you have between sets in weight training?

5. How long before a full meal should one exercise?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Part Two, Chapter Two, describe two characteristics of freehand exercises.

2. In Part Two, Chapter Five, what factors does Arnold say are influencing the rapid evolution of bodybuilding?

3. What are several important factors to consider when developing the muscle groups?

4. What are the three pairs of workout days used with accelerated progressive resistance weight training?

5. Describe two considerations when choosing the amount of weight with which to train in accelerated progressive resistance weight training.

6. What are the goals of accelerated progressive resistance weight training?

7. In Part Two, Chapter One, what are improvements to the body gained by weight resistance training?

8. In Part Two, Chapter Three, what are three considerations when selecting a gym?

9. List at least three rules to follow once one begins training in a weight training gym.

10. In Part Two, Chapter Four, what are two key factors that lead to winning bodybuilding competitions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

During Arnold's compulsory year of Austrian Army service, he considers the situation and then takes a risk to leave the base without permission in order to compete in the Mr. Europe Junior bodybuilding competition.

What factors from Arnold's upbringing and passion for bodybuilding do you think motivate Arnold to take this risk?

Why do you think that Arnold's winning trophy is sufficient to help him endure the seven days of confinement, and what does this say to you about Arnold's internal fortitude?

Essay Topic 2

While working with Wag Bennett in London, Wag tries to teach Arnold the value of using music during posing routines.

Provide your reasons why Arnold is so resistant to the use of music at first.

Given what you know about Arnold's personality and character traits, discuss reasons why Arnold has difficulty practicing his routines with music but is able to be wildly successful at the next event, an exhibition in London.

Essay Topic 3

Arnold learns many lessons his first year in America under the tutelage of Joe Weider.

Describe the personality and work ethic traits that make it possible for Arnold to be successful with Joe.

Think about Arnold's early need for recognition, and then describe how his business relationship with Joe provides him with continued recognition.

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