Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder Character Descriptions

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Douglas Kent Hall
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Arnold Schwarzenegger

This person, the son of a chief of police, is inspired at age fifteen to become a bodybuilder after a soccer coach sends him to a gym to develop his leg muscles.

Arnold's Parents

These people at first differ in their attitude and level of support of their offspring's ambition to become a bodybuilder, but later become proud of his achievements.

Reg Park

This character serves as the major inspiration for the bodybuilder's career, eventually becoming his competitor at a major European competition.

Karl Gerstl

This physician partnered with our bodybuilder near a lake, teaching him about body circulation and the science of muscles.

Helmut Knaur

This person, an intellectual, takes the bodybuilder under his wing, convincing him to abandon familial religious beliefs that assume the help of God and instead to focus on his own efforts at success.

Franco Columbu

This individual is helped by...

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