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John Steakley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Felix drop to?
(a) Sanction.
(b) Middle of destined spot and a horde of Ants.
(c) Hell.
(d) Terra.

2. Who is the leader of the project on Sanction?
(a) Vol Boland.
(b) Trey Finnigan.
(c) Hollis Ware.
(d) Oscar Whitney.

3. What is the meal intended to do for the prisoners?
(a) Fatten them up to eat.
(b) Poison them.
(c) Make them sleepy.
(d) Give them sustenance to dig in salt mines.

4. What do the experienced scout and Felix realize about the remaining troops?
(a) They are dying.
(b) They need new technology.
(c) Only 1/4 have survived.
(d) They have a disease.

5. What was most impressive about the army?
(a) Number.
(b) Strength.
(c) Armor.
(d) Training.

Short Answer Questions

1. With extra energy in his body, where does the human go?

2. What does the prisoner call the fat man?

3. What does Felix recite when a warrior tells him about the Armored Olympics?

4. What does Felix find at his new destination?

5. What does Hollis recognize the armor in the space craft that the prisoner show him to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the A-team and their plan.

2. Describe the changes Felix experiences as the Engine.

3. Who kidnaps Jack and why?

4. Describe Borglyn.

5. What does Hollis do that both Lya and Jack think is dangerous?

6. What does Lewis do that surprises Jack and Hollis and prevents Borglyn from overtaking the planet?

7. When did Felix's first drop occur and what is the discrepancy that Lya finds in the Fleet records?

8. Who contacts Holly, Jack, and Lya from Golden and what do they tell them?

9. Why do people think Felix will not talk and what is the real reason?

10. Why did Felix leave Golden?

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