Armor Short Essay - Answer Key

John Steakley
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1. Describe the Fleet and the ship Terra.

The Fleet is the name of the army that has been created to fight the creatures that have waged war on the Earth-like planets. The ship that Felix is on is called Terra. Terra is the biggest ship in the Fleet

2. What is most impressive about the Fleet army and why?

The impressive feature of the Fleet army wasn't the numbers or the training but the armor that each person wore. The armor encased each warrior in a strong metal alloy and was designed to give super human speed, strength, and reflexes. The armor was custom- fitted to each person and when a warrior would lay down in the armor, it was skin tight.

3. Describe a scout.

Scouts were advanced soldiers of the Fleet army who had good agility. The scouts didn't carry the large amounts of weaponry that the warriors carried and there were only a handful of scouts in each group of warriors. A scout's outfit was pure black. Scouts died too quickly.

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