Objects & Places from Armor

John Steakley
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The Engine - This is the state of being that helps Felix makes decisions and take control in battle, offering an observant third-person point of view.

Ants - These are space creatures that are three meters tall, mindless, robot-like, and have advanced technology with which to fight humanity.

Armor - Made of strong metal, this object is given to a fighter for protection, equipping with the person with super human speed, strength, and reflexes.

Banshee - This is the planet where the Ants live which has an atmosphere poisonous to people.

Sanction - This is the planet is similar to Earth, has poor people, and is where Jack Crow is dropped off to betray scientists.

Terra - This is the name of the largest warship that carries soldiers to the first planetary drop.

The Fleet - This is the meddling and incompetent group of fighters organized...

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