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John Steakley
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Part 1, Page 1-34

• Felix separates himself from everyone before boarding the Fleet ship called Terra.

• The members of the Fleet army wear an impressive armor that gives them super human speed, strength, and reflexes and is custom fitted.

• Felix shows agility in his suit and becomes a scout.

• Scouts wear black armor, do not have a lot of weaponry like the soldiers, and as a result, they die more quickly.

• Felix goes to his room, puts on his armor that is skin-tight and joins soldiers in the briefing room.

• In the briefing room, Felix listens to a prep talk that alarms him realizing that the people in charge don't really believe the plan will work.

• The planet Banshee has poisonous water and harsh temperatures.

• There are 3 teams that are going to make a drop on to the planet.

• B-team and C-team are to drop north...

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