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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who killed Amadeus' wife and daughter?
(a) The Joker.
(b) Mad Dog.
(c) Scarface.
(d) Harvey Dent.

2. What gift does Amadeus give his daughter after he returns from Europe?
(a) Deck of cards.
(b) Cuckoo clock.
(c) Perfume from Paris.
(d) Aquarium.

3. Which patient has relieved himself on the floor?
(a) The Joker.
(b) Professor Milo.
(c) Two Face.
(d) Cavendish.

4. What kind of noise does the hero hear in the background while talking on the phone regarding the hostage situation?
(a) Scratching.
(b) Pinging.
(c) Digging.
(d) Screaming.

5. Why does the hero, as a young boy, get scolded when leaving the first movie he saw with his parents?
(a) For crying.
(b) For dropping his popcorn.
(c) For throwing a rock at a bat.
(d) For talking in the theater.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who searches for the hero inside the asylum?

2. From which country does the gift given to Amadeus by his wife originate?

3. What is the name of Martin Hawkins' villain?

4. Who implies that the hero might have an intimate relationship with his own sidekick?

5. What does Martin Hawkins use to cut himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss briefly two ways in which the clown fish is important to this story.

2. What is the importance of the Cheshire Cat in the opening of this novel?

3. What literary technique is used to tell Arkham's story in this novel and why?

4. What observations does the hero state about the asylum and one of its patients?

5. Why does the hero initially say he will not go to the asylum?

6. Discuss the mental illness of Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins.

7. What does the sound of Harriet's clock symbolize when Arkham walks in and finds his wife and daughter dead?

8. Why does the hero cut himself as he runs through the mirrored halls of the asylum?

9. Briefly discuss what the bat skeleton symbolizes in the opening pages.

10. How does the display of art in the opening of this graphic novel engage the reader?

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