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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 2, pages 12-31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What object is the hero instructed to bring for the kitchen girl?
(a) A white cane.
(b) A new apron.
(c) A shovel.
(d) Some aloe for burns.

2. What was Amadeus' daughter's name?
(a) Constance.
(b) Connie.
(c) Jill.
(d) Harriet.

3. What is the name of Martin Hawkins' villain?
(a) The Croc.
(b) Two Face.
(c) Mad Dog.
(d) Mad Hatter.

4. Which character looks like a clown?
(a) The Big Top Clown.
(b) The Jester.
(c) Bruce's grandmother.
(d) The Joker.

5. Which one topic, according to the graphics when the hero enters the asylum, is not being discussed by the madmen there?
(a) Speed of light.
(b) Who killed Bambi.
(c) Sweet tea.
(d) Oranges.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the villain do when the hero tells him to release the hostages?

2. Who is the asylum's director?

3. Who suggests the hero belongs in the asylum?

4. In what city is this story set?

5. Who implies that the hero might have an intimate relationship with his own sidekick?

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