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Lesson 1 (from Front Matter and Section 1, pages 1-11)


Arkham Asylum is a graphic novel that tells the story of Amadeus Arkham as well as Batman. Through a series of flashbacks, the story of Arkham is told as the reader sees the Batman story unfold. The story lines of both characters are relevant to each other, as the reader will see as the story unfolds. Since many students may not have read a graphic novel previously, today's lesson will introduce the graphic novel as a genre. This first lesson will help those who have not previously read a graphic novel know how to effectively read this book.


1) Class discussion: As a class, develop a working definition of a graphic novel. It is a story told with both words and art. Write the definition on the board and have students record it in their notebooks. Are comic books graphic novels? (No. Graphic novels are usually...

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