Arkham Asylum Fun Activities

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Online Review

Summarize the graphic novel and write an online book review. Provide the teacher with a link to your published article.


Write a blog entry after reading each assigned section. Include your personal thoughts.

Redesign the Joker

The author had another vision for the Joker but changed it to a more traditional Joker. Redesign the Joker in your own vision. Write the description, draw it, or generate it with computer graphics.

Facebook Page

Develop a Facebook page for Two Face. Include his likes, dislikes, educational background, etc.

Villain Handbook

Make a villain handbook showing all the enemies in Arkham Asylum. Draw your own or find images of them to include.

Ink Blot Test

Find images in a psychology book for a class inkblot test. Hold the images up and have each student write down what he or she sees. Discuss the answers in class.

Cast the Movie

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