Arkham Asylum Character Descriptions

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This introverted character emphasizes the rational over the irrational.

The Joker

This goal-absent character is the embodiment of chaos.

Amadeus Arkham

This disturbed individual had a lonely childhood because of his mother's mental illness.

Elizabeth Arkham

This character is killed by his/her son.

Commissioner Jim Gordon

This character calls in the hero to deal with the rebellion of inmates at a mental hospital.


This nineteen-year-old works at the mental hospital when it is taken over by the inmates.


This serial killer mutilates the faces and sex organs of his/her victims.

Constance Arkham

This adult is murdered by Mad Dog Hawkins.

Harriet Arkham

This child is murdered by Mad Dog Hawkins.

Charles Cavendish

This character is the administrator of the mental hospital.

Ruth Adams

This character saves the hero from a murder attempt in the mental hospital.

Bruce Wayne's Mother and Father

These characters...

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