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Front Matter and Section 1, pages 1-11

• The front matter of Arkham Asylum includes a spread with an illustration of wood; a stylized, geometric cross; and nails, which calls the book a passion play.

• The spread following the front matter is an illustration of a fossil of a bat skeleton, an Icaronycteris, labeled icon.

• The title page and credits page contain imagery of windows, writing, shadows, and a clock bound in red string.

• The story is introduced with a quote from the Cheshire Cat from the book Alice in Wonderland. The cat says that everyone in Wonderland is mad.
• The journal of Amadeus Arkham is retold through a series of flashbacks.

• As a young boy, Arkham carries some food up to his ill mother.

• When Arkham comes into his mother's room, she will not eat. She finally opens her mouth to say she's eaten and he sees that her...

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