Objects & Places from Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Cessna Citation II

This object crashes over Denver after a freak hurricane.

The Black Citroën

This thing follows Diane and Kelly on the French-Spanish border.

Kelly's Engagement Ring

This is what Kelly sells to earn money for her and Diane while they are on the run.

KIG Headquarters

This is the home of many offices, laboratories and technology.


This is a satellite control console for weather.

Prima II

This object is housed in the French Polynesian Islands.

Rat-tailed Comb

This is used to kill Harry Flint.

San Sebastián

This is where the women escape Harry Flint when leaving Spain.

The Senate Select Committee on the Environment

This is who offers to support Tanner's global warming efforts financially.

Xylocaine bullets

These are used by Harry Flint to knock out Diane and Kelly so he can take advantage of them before killing them.

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