Are You Afraid of the Dark? Character Descriptions

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Diane Stevens

This person is sensitive and artistic, and is highly spiritual.

Kelly Harris

This person is beautiful and has a strong determination to overcome her tough childhood.

Tanner Kingsley

This person lacks emotional maturity and is a megalomaniac.

Andrew Kingsley

This person is a philanthropist who doesn't care about wealth and power.

Richard Stevens

This person's body washes up in New York with his knee caps busted.

Mark Harris

This person is thrown off the top of the Eiffel Tower in the book.

Senator Pauline Van Luven

This person is intelligent and manipulative, and is part of a scheme for global domination.

Greg Holliday

This person is a potent assassin who dies after a needle is plunged in his arm.

Harry Flint

This person is an assassin who is also a psychopath.

Vince Carballo

This person is an ex-felon who takes pride in his work when profit...

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