Archimedes and the Door of Science Short Essay - Answer Key

Jeanne Bendick
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1. How was Archimedes' birth celebrated?

Archimedes' birth was celebrated by two family festivals. When he was five days old, his nurse carried him tightly wrapped in her arms as she ran around the circular hearth in the main living room of the house with all the other members of the household running behind. This ceremony was to put him under the care and protection of the family gods. The tenth day after his birth, Archimedes received his name. His father had a party for family and friends. In front of the guests he promised to bring up his son and educate him as a citizen of Greece.

2. Why was Archimedes an unusual man?

Many things about Archimedes were unusual. His mind was always busy searching for knowledge. All facts were important to him, and no problem was ever boring. He performed many scientific experiments to gain knowledge and prove his ideas. Most of his ideas and discoveries were new and original. They were not based on things that people before him had already learned.

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