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Short Answer Questions

1. Lady Croom believes Thomasina has _______________________.

2. What does Hannah demand of Bernard that prompts him to call her a silly bitch?

3. What is the title of the poem Septimus is reading?

4. According to Lady Croom, who has shot a pigeon?

5. Thomasina's discussion of rice pudding proves, in her words, that _______________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Thomasina's major objection to Cleopatra's obsession with love and sex?

2. How does Bernard confirm that Byron visited Sidley Park?

3. Describe Chater's character.

4. Describe the relationship between Lady Croom and Thomasina.

5. What is the relationship between Thomasina and Septimus?

6. Why isn't Hannah interested in listening to Bernard read his article?

7. Why has Thomasina come to see Septimus in the middle of the night?

8. What mistake has Bernard made in researching the letters he found in Byron's book?

9. What changes does Noakes propose for the garden?

10. How does Septimus manage to placate Lady Croom about his own behavior?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the two turtles mentioned in the play. Reviewing any mention of the turtles, write an essay in which you determine the symbolic meaning of the animals, and the reason for their constant presence onstage.

Essay Topic 2

Traditionally, temperaments that lean toward math and science might be viewed in opposition to those that favor literature and art. Considering the development of ideas surrounding math, science, literature, and art in "Arcadia," write an essay in which you identify Stoppard's message about the significance of any one discipline to our human experience.

Essay Topic 3

According to Chloe, individual attraction is the one reason why determinism doesn't work as a theory. Consider the events of the play and defend, refute, or quality the accuracy of this sentiment.

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