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Short Answer Questions

1. What sounds end the scene?

2. Why does Valentine suggest Bernard did not receive a reply to his letter from Lord Croom?

3. Which character enters and exits without speaking?

4. When he learns he might find information about Byron, Bernard makes arrangements to _______________.

5. What is Hannah's gift to Bernard?

Short Essay Questions

1. What images has Thomasina captured in her drawing?

2. Why does Thomasina suggest Septimus is churlish with her?

3. Why doesn't Bernard want Hannah to know his real name?

4. Why isn't Septimus bothered by the lost plays of Aeschylus as Thomasina is?

5. What changes does Noakes propose for the garden?

6. What question does Bernard repeatedly ask throughout his reading?

7. What comfort does Lady Croom take in her brother's marriage to Mrs. Chater?

8. What is Bernard's attitude about teaching?

9. How does Septimus avoid a duel with Chater?

10. Why is Lady Croom suddenly interested in the piano?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Hannah and Bernard's attitudes towards academic research as they develop throughout the play. You may consider the extent of knowledge, interaction with historical documents, value of historical research, etc. that Hannah and Bernard represent in Stoppard's concept of academia.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the title "Arcadia," and Septimus' translation "Even in Arcadia, there am I," implying that death is present even in any idyllic setting. In what ways is Sidley Park a seemingly idyllic setting, and how does Septimus' translation impact that idea? Write an essay in which you explore both ideas, using examples from the text to support your argument.

Essay Topic 3

Consider Stoppard's stage directions in Arcadia, specifically his use of one common set to bridge the two eras. Write an essay in which you defend or criticize this storytelling strategy as it relates to his themes.

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