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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hannah leaves because ____________________________.
(a) She has found proof to support Bernard's claim.
(b) She has found proof of Lady Croom's affair with Byron.
(c) She has found proof to refute Bernard's claim.
(d) She had found proof that Septimus was the hermit.

2. Why does Septimus say he cannot teach Thomasina to waltz?
(a) Because he does not know how.
(b) Because she is not wearing shoes.
(c) Because the music playing is too slow for a waltz.
(d) Because there is no music playing.

3. Lady Croom invites Septimus to ____________________.
(a) Join her in her sitting room later.
(b) Join her for a bath later.
(c) Join her in the gazebo later.
(d) Join her for dinner later.

4. What does Lady Croom ask Jellaby to bring her?
(a) Her incision.
(b) Her invitation.
(c) Her indecision.
(d) Her infusion.

5. What does Septimus do with the letters at the end of the scene?
(a) Burns them.
(b) Puts them in The Couch of Eros.
(c) Throws them away.
(d) Puts them in his copy of Byron's book.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bernard states that the drama of life at Sidley Park was about __________________-.

2. Why are the modern characters wearing period clothes in this scene?

3. What does Septimus bring home for Thomasina?

4. Chloe believes the deterministic universe cannot work because _____________________.

5. Hannah does not want to be called ______________.

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