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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What scientific constant fascinates Valentine?
(a) That the universe moves from hot to cold, but not the other way around
(b) That all life-- from grouse to human-- is unpredictable
(c) That there is no mathematical equation for love
(d) That math is reversable, but death is not

2. What is Lady Croom unhappy about?
(a) The damage Noakes has done to her piano.
(b) The affair she is having with Noakes.
(c) The affair she is having with Septimus.
(d) The damage Noakes has done to her garden.

3. What is the title of Bernard's publication?
(a) Even in Arcadia--Sex, Literature, and Death at Sidley Park
(b) The wit and wisdom of Thomasina Croom
(c) The Couch of Eros
(d) Byron's duel, and the hidden genius of Ezra Chater

4. At the start of the scene, Bernard is _____________________.
(a) Reading Byron's journal.
(b) Reading his manuscript.
(c) Reading Hannah's manuscript.
(d) Reading Lady Croom's letters.

5. Hannah's quoting of Byron's poetry suggests what to Valentine?
(a) Thomasina was more brilliant than both men
(b) Septimus may have secretly written much of Byron's poetry
(c) Byron was not as talented as history suggests
(d) Byron and Septimus may share a similar genius

Short Answer Questions

1. When Thomasina asks Septimus to meet her in her room, he _______________.

2. Bernard invites Hannah to London for ________.

3. What article has Septimus loaned Byron?

4. What does Augustus question Septimus about?

5. What secret does Augustus know about Thomasina?

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