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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who enters the scene uninvited?
(a) Brice.
(b) Byron.
(c) Chater.
(d) Noakes.

2. Septimus tells Thomasina she must not be _________________________.
(a) Wealthier than her elders.
(b) Disrespectful to her elders.
(c) Impolite to her elders.
(d) Cleverer than her elders

3. Why does Thomasina hate Cleopatra?
(a) Because Cleopatra destroyed Rome.
(b) Because Cleopatra spoke Latin.
(c) Because Cleopatra was consumed with love and sex.
(d) Because Cleopatra hated Queen Elizabeth.

4. What is the one word Valentine repeats in her first two entrances?
(a) Snot.
(b) Sod.
(c) Shoot.
(d) Sorry.

5. Why does Thomasina turn to Septimus for answers about sex?
(a) Septimus is honorable and chaste.
(b) Septimus never tries to deceive anyone.
(c) Septimus is her brother.
(d) Septimus is her tutor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Septimus admits to ______________________.

2. What sound effect is heard constantly throughout this scene?

3. What is remarkable about Thomasina's math equations?

4. Whose poem is Septimus reading?

5. Thomasina does not discover that Septimus was found with Mrs. Chater because_____________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Hannah writing about the garden at Sidley Park?

2. Why isn't Septimus bothered by the lost plays of Aeschylus as Thomasina is?

3. What does Thomasina's theory about stirring jam into rice pudding represent to her?

4. Why does Bernard cover his face before the photograph is taken for the newspaper?

5. How does Lady Croom's interpretation of "Et in Arcadia ego!" differ from Septimus'?

6. Why does Thomasina get angry when Septimus translates from Latin?

7. What details of the duel does Septimus agree to?

8. Describe Thomasina's character.

9. What is Thomasina's major objection to Cleopatra's obsession with love and sex?

10. Describe Chloe's relationship with Bernard.

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