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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Chloe, what is her mother looking for?
(a) A thesaurus.
(b) A dictionary.
(c) A theodolite.
(d) A microscope.

2. Valentine is _____________.
(a) Rude.
(b) Angry.
(c) High.
(d) Drunk.

3. Hannah continues to question Bernard's theory about Byron because ___________________.
(a) He has questioned her research.
(b) He is a sexist.
(c) He will not concede any of her points.
(d) He has no proof.

4. What is the only science God has seen fit to bestow on man, according to Septimus?
(a) Algebra.
(b) Geometry.
(c) Physics.
(d) Chemistry.

5. Valentine describes Thomasina's diagram as ___________________.
(a) A diagram of heat exchange.
(b) A diagram of positive and negative charges.
(c) A diagram of chaos and order.
(d) A diagram of the future.

6. What does Thomasina say is significant about tomorrow?
(a) It is her seventeenth birthday.
(b) It is the last day of her life.
(c) It is her sixteenth birthday.
(d) It is the last day of Septimus' employment.

7. Why does Hannah suggest an afterlife would be a mixed blessing for Bernard?
(a) He would have to face Lord Byron.
(b) He would have to face Septimus.
(c) He would have to apologize to Lady Croom.
(d) He would have to apologize to Chater.

8. What plant betrays Bernard's theory about Byron and the duel?
(a) A daisy.
(b) A dahlia.
(c) A mum.
(d) A pansy.

9. When Thomasina asks Septimus to meet her in her room, he _______________.
(a) Refuses.
(b) Gets angry.
(c) Accepts.
(d) Kisses her.

10. Why does Hannah encourage Valentine to continue working on his own equations?
(a) The completion of his work will validate Thomasina's genius
(b) The benefits of his discovery will save lives and improve society
(c) The struggle to know is what makes us matter
(d) She believes he will find validation in the afterlife

11. Hannah does not want to be called ______________.
(a) Darling.
(b) Poopsie.
(c) Honeybun.
(d) Dear.

12. Why is Lady Croom upset with Septimus?
(a) Because he has written a bad review of Byron's poem.
(b) Because he has written her a love letter in the event of his death.
(c) Because he has written Thomasina a love letter in the event of his death.
(d) Because he has written a bad review of Chater's poem.

13. Septimus apologizes for ______________________________.
(a) Bringing an unworthy lover to Mrs. Croom.
(b) Bringing an unworthy friend to Lady Croom's home.
(c) Bringing Byron to Mrs. Chater's room.
(d) Bringing Chater to Byron's room.

14. What is Bernard's response to Hannah's statement that she has a theory but cannot prove it?
(a) He tells her to publish it.
(b) He tells her she will never publish because she is too timid.
(c) He tells her no good theory can be proven.
(d) He tells her to wait until she finds proof.

15. What does Lady Croom ask Jellaby to bring her?
(a) Her infusion.
(b) Her invitation.
(c) Her incision.
(d) Her indecision.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lady Croom believes she must marry Thomasina off before _______________________.

2. According to the diagram, what can never be recovered after an action is complete?

3. What does Hannah insist she will find at the end of the scene?

4. What sound effect signals a change in eras?

5. Bernard states that the drama of life at Sidley Park was about __________________-.

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