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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Lady Croom punished her brother for choosing his acquaintances unwisely?
(a) Disownment.
(b) Banishment.
(c) Disappointment.
(d) Abandonment.

2. What sound occurs in this part of the scene?
(a) A dog barking.
(b) A steam engine.
(c) A train's whistle.
(d) A dog howling.

3. Why does Hannah slap Bernard?
(a) She misunderstands a statement he makes.
(b) He insults her research.
(c) He insults Chloe.
(d) He proposes she leave with him.

4. What does Septimus do with the letters at the end of the scene?
(a) Puts them in The Couch of Eros.
(b) Puts them in his copy of Byron's book.
(c) Burns them.
(d) Throws them away.

5. What is Valentine working on at the beginning of this scene?
(a) Planning his proposal to Hannah
(b) Pushing Thomasina's equations through his computer
(c) Looking through the game book for information on Grouses
(d) Writing a letter to the editor protesting Bernard's findings

6. What is the only science God has seen fit to bestow on man, according to Septimus?
(a) Physics.
(b) Chemistry.
(c) Geometry.
(d) Algebra.

7. According to the diagram, what can never be recovered after an action is complete?
(a) The ability to repeat the action.
(b) The heat created by it.
(c) The damage created by it.
(d) The importance of the action.

8. Septimus apologizes for ______________________________.
(a) Bringing Chater to Byron's room.
(b) Bringing an unworthy friend to Lady Croom's home.
(c) Bringing Byron to Mrs. Chater's room.
(d) Bringing an unworthy lover to Mrs. Croom.

9. What is Lady Croom unhappy about?
(a) The damage Noakes has done to her garden.
(b) The damage Noakes has done to her piano.
(c) The affair she is having with Noakes.
(d) The affair she is having with Septimus.

10. Why do Valentine, Bernard, Hannah, and Chloe leave during the scene?
(a) They are being photographed for the local paper.
(b) They are being photographed for Bernard's book.
(c) They are being photographed for Hannah's book.
(d) They are being interviewed for the local paper.

11. Where does Hannah find proof that Bernard's theory is incorrect?
(a) In Lady Croom's garden book.
(b) In Noakes' garden sketches.
(c) In Thomasina's portfolio.
(d) In Lady Croom's letter from Septimus.

12. According to Lady Croom, who is in love with Mrs. Chater?
(a) Lord Byron.
(b) Lord Croom.
(c) Captain Brice.
(d) Augustus.

13. At the start of the scene, Bernard is _____________________.
(a) Reading Byron's journal.
(b) Reading his manuscript.
(c) Reading Lady Croom's letters.
(d) Reading Hannah's manuscript.

14. According to Hannah, how is the study of history like science?
(a) Both seek to create universal laws
(b) Both have no room for romantic feelings
(c) Both believe things can't be proved true, only not to be false yet
(d) Both rely on rigorous experimentation

15. In what style of dress are the Crooms attired as the scene opens?
(a) Augustan
(b) Regency wear
(c) Victorian
(d) Renaissance

Short Answer Questions

1. Chloe believes the deterministic universe cannot work because _____________________.

2. Why does Septimus burn Lord Byron's letter?

3. What does Hannah insist she will find at the end of the scene?

4. Who does Thomasina claim she will marry?

5. What plant betrays Bernard's theory about Byron and the duel?

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