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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bernard's dialogue reveals _____________________-.
(a) That Byron left England in a hurry.
(b) That Byron fought Chater in a duel.
(c) That Byron left the States in a hurry.
(d) That Byron was never at Sidley Park.

2. Why is it significant that the covers to the letters from Mrs. Chater have not survived?
(a) The covers would have revealed the author of the letters.
(b) The covers would have revealed that Byron read them.
(c) The covers would have born Septimus' name, not Byron's.
(d) The covers would have revealed the actual dates.

3. How old is Thomasina at this point?
(a) Seventeen and a half.
(b) Sixteen and eleven months.
(c) Sixteen and a half.
(d) Seventeen.

4. Lady Croom forgives Septimus because _____________________.
(a) He defends her.
(b) He flatters her.
(c) He pleads with her.
(d) He threatens to leave her.

5. Why will Bernard return to Sidley Park?
(a) For the dance.
(b) For the book signing.
(c) For further research.
(d) For the press conference.

6. What plant betrays Bernard's theory about Byron and the duel?
(a) A dahlia.
(b) A mum.
(c) A daisy.
(d) A pansy.

7. What objectionable article does Mrs. Chater wear?
(a) Drawers.
(b) A hoop skirt.
(c) A corset.
(d) A girdle.

8. What does Lady Croom ask Jellaby to bring her?
(a) Her infusion.
(b) Her invitation.
(c) Her indecision.
(d) Her incision.

9. Who is Lady Croom's latest lover?
(a) Count Zelinsky.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Jellaby.
(d) Noakes.

10. Why does Septimus burn Lord Byron's letter?
(a) Because the letter was addressed to Lady Croom.
(b) Because the letter is meant for Thomasina.
(c) Because the letter offends Lady Croom.
(d) Because the letter offends Septimus.

11. Lady Croom believes she must marry Thomasina off before _______________________.
(a) She is educated beyond eligibility.
(b) She is too sarcastic to be found desireable.
(c) She is too old to be found desireable.
(d) She is too poor to be an eligible bride.

12. Why does Hannah repeatedly raise her hand during Bernard's reading?
(a) She is objecting to his offensive language.
(b) She is afraid to interrupt him aloud.
(c) She is trying to prove he is wrong.
(d) She is objecting to unsupported statements.

13. According to Lady Croom, who is in love with Mrs. Chater?
(a) Lord Croom.
(b) Lord Byron.
(c) Captain Brice.
(d) Augustus.

14. What does Bernard offer to do for Valentine?
(a) Give him credit for proving Byron killed Chater.
(b) Give him credit for finding the game book.
(c) Give him credit for editing the Bernard's book.
(d) Give him credit for proving Chater was dead in 1810.

15. Lady Croom objects to Septimus' love letter because _________________________.
(a) He has had an affair with Mrs. Chater.
(b) He has written other women love letters as well.
(c) He has written the exact same letter to Mrs. Chater.
(d) The letter is badly written.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has Lady Croom punished her brother for choosing his acquaintances unwisely?

2. What does Septimus do with the letters at the end of the scene?

3. Bernard and Chloe ________________________.

4. Lady Croom invites Septimus to ____________________.

5. Valentine believes ___________________________________________.

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