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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chater realizes that Byron intends ____________________.
(a) To challenge him to a duel.
(b) To leave with Mrs. Chater.
(c) To give him a positive review.
(d) To give him a bad review.

2. Septimus' reply to the letter is _____________________________.
(a) That he is unable to meet with Chater that day.
(b) That he will not dignify Chater with a response.
(c) That he will meet Chater after he is done teaching.
(d) That he needs time to consider Chater's challenge.

3. Septimus admits to ______________________.
(a) Running away with Chater's wife.
(b) Slandering Chater's wife.
(c) Making love to Chater's wife.
(d) Ignoring Chater's wife.

4. Thomasina is also upset over _________________________.
(a) Septimus' lack of mathematical vision
(b) Augustus' endless teasing
(c) The advances of Captain Brice
(d) The lost plays of of the Athenians and Aristotle's library.

5. For what reason has Hannah enlisted Valentine in this scene?
(a) To help disprove Bernard's Byron theory
(b) To translate a particularly difficult passage of Latin
(c) To explain Thomasina's math equations
(d) To access a Croom family heirloom

6. Septimus tells Thomasina she must not be _________________________.
(a) Cleverer than her elders
(b) Wealthier than her elders.
(c) Impolite to her elders.
(d) Disrespectful to her elders.

7. Thomasina delivers a letter from ________________.
(a) Lady Croom.
(b) Mrs. Chater.
(c) Mr. Chater.
(d) Mr. Noakes.

8. Where does Septimus place his letter after he has read it?
(a) Underneath the table.
(b) In Thomasina's trainer.
(c) In the pages of his copy of The Couch of Eros.
(d) In his pocket.

9. What does Gus bring Hannah?
(a) A turtle.
(b) An apple.
(c) A book.
(d) A theodolite.

10. What sound effect is heard constantly throughout this scene?
(a) Mr. Noakes' engine
(b) Rifle fire
(c) Clicking of a pen
(d) Piano music in the next room

11. Thomasina believes she has made a discovery in ______________.
(a) Latin.
(b) Mathematics.
(c) Literature.
(d) Philosophy.

12. Who enters the scene uninvited?
(a) Brice.
(b) Noakes.
(c) Byron.
(d) Chater.

13. Why does Septimus finally agree to duel with Chater?
(a) Lady Croom insists upon it.
(b) Chater insults Thomasina.
(c) Brice and Chater challenge him together.
(d) Chater demands Septimus duel or leave Sidley Park.

14. What does Septimus receive at the beginning of the scene?
(a) Another letter.
(b) An apple.
(c) A book.
(d) Another turtle.

15. Who is Lady Croom in love with, according to Thomasina?
(a) Lord Byron.
(b) Septimus.
(c) Mr. Chater.
(d) Mr. Noakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sound recurs in this scene?

2. Lady Croom claims her garden is currently arranged ______________________.

3. Thomasina's discussion of rice pudding proves, in her words, that _______________________.

4. What is Hannah's gift to Bernard?

5. How does Bernard first mislead Hannah?

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