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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Septimus agree to at the end of the scene?
(a) Marrying Mrs. Chater when she becomes a widow.
(b) Taking on another pupil.
(c) A second affair with Mrs. Croom.
(d) A second duel with Chater.

2. Septimus compares Thomasina's rice pudding analogy to _____________________________.
(a) Manifest destiny.
(b) Man's inherent evil nature.
(c) Man's free will or self-determination.
(d) The theory of relativity.

3. Why does Gus run out of the room at the end of the scene?
(a) He is bothered by the pistol shot
(b) He feels Valentine is disrespectful of Byron
(c) He hates people shouting
(d) He is jealous of Chloe's affection for Bernard

4. What does Brice say of Septimus with regard to their duel?
(a) That Septimus is all bluster and bladder
(b) That Septimus will enlist Byron's help
(c) That Septimus is a formidable shot
(d) That Septimus will find a way to cheat.

5. What sound accompanies the dialogue in parts of the scene?
(a) Guitar music.
(b) Piano music.
(c) Cello music.
(d) Violin music.

6. Why does Valentine suggest Bernard should hide his car?
(a) Lord Croom would not allow guests who did not drive carriages.
(b) Lord Croom would not allow guests with Japanese cars.
(c) Lord Croom would not allow guests who drove foreign cars.
(d) Lord Croom would not allow guests who did not ride bicycles.

7. Septimus admits to ______________________.
(a) Making love to Chater's wife.
(b) Ignoring Chater's wife.
(c) Running away with Chater's wife.
(d) Slandering Chater's wife.

8. Where are the game books kept?
(a) In the closet.
(b) In the attic.
(c) In the pantry.
(d) In the commode.

9. What is Hannah reading at the beginning of the scene?
(a) The journal of Thomasina Coverly
(b) The Couch of Eros
(c) The journal of Lord Byron
(d) A letter from Septimus

10. Why does Thomasina turn to Septimus for answers about sex?
(a) Septimus is her tutor.
(b) Septimus is her brother.
(c) Septimus never tries to deceive anyone.
(d) Septimus is honorable and chaste.

11. Jellaby arrives to ________________________.
(a) Deliver a letter to Thomasina.
(b) Collect a letter from Septimus.
(c) Challenge Septimus to a duel.
(d) Deliver a letter to Septimus.

12. Who suggests Lady Croom's translation of Et in Arcadia Ego is incorrect?
(a) Thomasina.
(b) Brice.
(c) Augustus.
(d) Chater.

13. Why does Septimus describe Noakes as the serpent in the garden?
(a) Because Noakes is dishonest.
(b) Because Noakes discovered Mrs. Chater with Byron, but accused Septimus instead.
(c) Because Noakes discovered Septimus' tryst and told others about it.
(d) Because Noakes tried to lead Septimus into temptation.

14. Who is onstage when the scene begins?
(a) Hannah.
(b) Chloe.
(c) Lady Croom.
(d) Thomasina.

15. When Septimus mentions death in Arcadia, Thomasina responds ____________________.
(a) Death is inevitable.
(b) Death cannot stop true love!
(c) Death be damned!
(d) Phooey to Death!

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Valentine studying using his mathematical process?

2. What event is going to occur at Sidley Park?

3. What sound interrupts Lady Croom's conversation?

4. Where does Septimus place his letter after he has read it?

5. Why does Septimus finally agree to duel with Chater?

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