Arcadia Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the relationship between Thomasina and Septimus?

Septimus is Thomasina's tutor, but also seems to be a trusted adviser to her. Though he treats her like a child, he entertains and discusses her more sophisticated ideas. Thomasina trusts Septimus to be truthful with her, and seems to understand when he condescends or withholds the whole truth from her.

2. What does Septimus' dialogue reveal about his character?

Septimus' dialogue reveals him to be a humorous character. He appears to take very little seriously, including the others at Sidley Park. Judging from his reactions to other characters, Septimus appears to find himself intellectually superior to those around him, though they sometimes prove him wrong with their observations.

3. Why does Septimus receive a challenge?

Septimus receives a challenge from Ezra Chater, the visiting poet at Sidley Park. Septimus has dallied with Chater's wife, which has become common knowledge at Sidley Park, and Chater challenges him to defend his wife's honor.

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