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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Septimus claim he had an affair with Mrs. Chater?
(a) Because he wanted to have revenge on Mr. Chater.
(b) Because he wanted to have revenge on Mr. Brice.
(c) Because he needed a substitute for Thomasina.
(d) Because he needed a substitute for Lady Croom.

2. What is the one word Valentine repeats in her first two entrances?
(a) Sod.
(b) Snot.
(c) Sorry.
(d) Shoot.

3. Why does Brice bring Chater to the West Indies?
(a) So he can have an affair with Mrs. Chater.
(b) So he can be sure Chater is killed.
(c) So he can avoid a duel with Septimus.
(d) So he can avoid a duel with Chater.

4. Thomasina does not discover that Septimus was found with Mrs. Chater because_____________________________.
(a) The servants discovered her listening and stopped talking.
(b) The servants tried to cover up for Septimus.
(c) Thomasina believes Septimus is in love with her mother.
(d) Thomasina believes Septimus loves only her.

5. What mathematical advantage does Valentine have over Thomasina?
(a) He can use a computer to compute his equations
(b) He is measuring something phyisical rather than emotional
(c) His equations are accurate
(d) He is more skilled at mathematics

Short Answer Questions

1. Thomasina delivers a letter from ________________.

2. What piece of gossip does Thomasina mention to Septimus?

3. Where does the play take place?

4. Septimus claims he will not fight Chater because __________________________.

5. At what time has Septimus agreed to duel Chater?

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