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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 7, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Croom forgives Septimus because _____________________.
(a) He defends her.
(b) He threatens to leave her.
(c) He flatters her.
(d) He pleads with her.

2. What does Hannah propose to do with the new information?
(a) Write a letter apologizing to Bernard.
(b) Write a letter refuting Bernard's article.
(c) Write a letter in support of Bernard.
(d) Write a letter demanding an apology from Bernard.

3. Hannah reveals that ___________________________-.
(a) Septimus and Byron were lovers.
(b) Septimus and Byron were school mates.
(c) Septimus and Byron duelled at Sidley Park.
(d) Septimus and Byron did not get along.

4. When he learns he might find information about Byron, Bernard makes arrangements to _______________.
(a) Stay at Sidley Park.
(b) Hide his car from Lord Croom.
(c) Stay in town.
(d) Begin writing a book.

5. What assignment does Septimus give Thomasina?
(a) He wants her to explain Determinism.
(b) He wants her to explain her drawing of him and Plautus.
(c) He wants her to explain her diagram of heat exchange.
(d) He wants her to explain Newton's theories.

Short Answer Questions

1. What false last name does Chloe give Bernard?

2. Why does Bernard think Byron engaged in a duel at Sidley Park?

3. Who is Lady Croom in love with, according to Thomasina?

4. Chater accuses Septimus of __________________-.

5. Septimus calls attention to ______________________.

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