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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 7, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hannah reveals that ___________________________-.
(a) Septimus and Byron were school mates.
(b) Septimus and Byron did not get along.
(c) Septimus and Byron duelled at Sidley Park.
(d) Septimus and Byron were lovers.

2. Lady Croom compares Noakes to _________________.
(a) A bull in a china shop.
(b) A lamb among lions.
(c) A rabid dog.
(d) A rooster in the henhouse.

3. What false last name does Chloe give Bernard?
(a) Peacock.
(b) Nightingale.
(c) Lark.
(d) Pigeon.

4. What is the one word Valentine repeats in her first two entrances?
(a) Snot.
(b) Sod.
(c) Sorry.
(d) Shoot.

5. What has Valentine's mother loaned Bernard?
(a) Her notes on gardening
(b) Her bicycle
(c) Her first edition of The Couch of Eros
(d) Her car

Short Answer Questions

1. What mathematical advantage does Valentine have over Thomasina?

2. Who suggests Lady Croom's translation of Et in Arcadia Ego is incorrect?

3. What sounds end the scene?

4. Lady Croom wants Septimus to _______________________.

5. Why does Brice want Septimus to accept Chater's challenge?

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