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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Valentine suggest Bernard did not receive a reply to his letter from Lord Croom?
(a) It was typewritten, and Lord Croom thought it was a bill.
(b) It was typewritten, and Lord Croom did not read those letters.
(c) It was illegible.
(d) It was typewritten, and Lord Croom thought it was a manuscript.

2. What sounds end the scene?
(a) Piano music and the steam engine.
(b) Violin music and crows crying.
(c) A gun shot and crows crying.
(d) A gun shot and piano music.

3. Why is Hannah skeptical of Bernard's conclusion regarding Byron's duel with Chater?
(a) Bernard has only proved that a duel was fought.
(b) He has not established that Byron was even there
(c) Chater died from a monkey bite
(d) Byron was lame and could not shoot

4. Why does Hannah repeatedly raise her hand during Bernard's reading?
(a) She is objecting to his offensive language.
(b) She is objecting to unsupported statements.
(c) She is trying to prove he is wrong.
(d) She is afraid to interrupt him aloud.

5. Bernard calls Hannah's first book _________________.
(a) A work of fiction.
(b) A novelette.
(c) A work of historical value.
(d) A romance novel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What philosophical concepts do Septimus and Thomasina discuss in the scene?

2. What does Hannah demand of Bernard that prompts him to call her a silly bitch?

3. What does Bernard say Hannah is lacking?

4. Why does Septimus finally agree to duel with Chater?

5. Why does Brice want Septimus to accept Chater's challenge?

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