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Objective: Students will consider the significance of the setting of the play in Act 1, Scene 1, Part 1.

1) As a whole group, students will list describing words about the setting on the blackboard. Reviewing the list, students will discuss the significance of each descriptor, citing examples from the book as evidence for their ideas.

2) Individually, students will write a paragraph describing the setting and brainstorming its significance to the play. Students will share these paragraphs aloud, contributing to a whole-class discussion on the setting and its importance to the play.

3) For discussion: What do we know about the setting so far? What details are emphasized in the setting? How does the setting contribute to events and ideas in this scene? What significance might the setting have to the message of the scene?

4) For homework, students will create a visual image of the setting of the play based on the...

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