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Students will create visuals of characters in the play in their appropriate period costumes, accompanying the visuals with a paragraph exploring the significance of the clothing of that era to the development of character.

Family Feud

In two teams, students will represent the Coverlys of the past and present. These teams will debate the importance of their era in contributing to progress, using examples from the text to support their ideas.

Apples and Turtles

Considering the items that enter and remain on stage during the play, small groups will choose another symbolic item that might represent any of Stoppard's ideas in the play, and suggest that as a potential prop.

Rice Pudding

Considering Thomasina's rice pudding-based idea that "you cannot stir things apart," students in small groups will create another analogy that either proves or disproves her theory, and share the analogy aloud with the whole class...

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