Arcadia Character Descriptions

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Captain Edward Brice - This character is the bold and blustery brother of Lady Croom who has been staying at Sidley Park and pursuing Mrs. Chater, the wife of Ezra Chater.

Ezra Chater - One of the play's greatest fools and biggest cuckolds, this character is quick-tempered, slow-witted, vain, and married to a woman who cannot stay faithful.

Augustus Coverly - Thomasina' s younger brother, this character is fifteen-years-old in 1812, and a student at Eton.

Chloe Coverly - The daughter of the modern day Croom family at Sidley Park, this character is eighteen, extremely impressionable, and immediately falls for Bernard's flamboyant appearance and insistent intelligence.

Gus Coverly - At fifteen, this autistic and mute character is the youngest of the modern Coverly children, the descendants of Thomasina and Augustus Coverly.

Thomasina Coverly - This character begins the play as the nearly fourteen-year-old...

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