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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, The Hermits.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Kafur do each year as a boy?
(a) Visit his brother.
(b) Tell one lie.
(c) Pray to a Jinni.
(d) Steal one cow.

2. According to the First Kalandar, when he returned to his kingdom for the first time, he found what?
(a) His palace to have been overtaken by his Wazir.
(b) The palace had turned to stone.
(c) His wife had run away with the Wazir.
(d) His Wazir had fled the palace.

3. What does Lady Zubaydah order her staff to do to look as though they are mourning Kut's death?
(a) Tear their clothes.
(b) Dress in black.
(c) Tear at their hair.
(d) Cry in the streets.

4. The eldest of the Three Ladies of Baghdad speaks of two black dogs. Who are they?
(a) The pets of the First Kalandar.
(b) Gifts from the Third Kalandar.
(c) Cursed Jinnis.
(d) The Eldest Lady's sisters.

5. In The Tale of The Birds And The Beasts And The Carpenter, who are the first two characters that the duck meets?
(a) The peahen and the cub.
(b) The lynx and the lion.
(c) The peacock and peahen.
(d) The peacock and the monkey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the peahen and antelope agree upon as their only protection?

2. At the end of the story of The Three Apples, what tale does Ja'afar refer to?

3. Who does King Shahryar send to give gifts to his brother?

4. In The Tale of the Three Apples, what did the woman's husband bring her when she was ill?

5. In the end of his story, Bukhayt became the property of ____________.

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