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Essay Topic 1

As the reader may have noticed from the beginning, the style of The Arabian Nights possesses unique characteristics in many ways. One is in regard to the fact that frame stories are used consistently throughout the entire piece. In an essay, and keeping in mind the fact that typical Western literary devices are not used in this novel, please provide insight as to how the use of framing stories is an invaluable tool to:

1. The author.

2. The character of Shahrazad.

3. Sindbad.

Please feel free to use any historical information you may now know about the history and background of certain stories in The Arabian Nights. Do create an introductory theme to your essay, tying all evidences together under one argument.

Essay Topic 2

Appreciating that the Tale of The Three Apples is one of the earliest known suspense thriller murder/mystery with detective fiction elements and multiple...

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