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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Love Philters.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Allende caution?
(a) Readers to be in love.
(b) Readers to be careful with aphrodisiacs.
(c) Readers to be careful with words.
(d) Readers to avoid technological aphrodisiacs.

2. What are listed as fruits but are not traditionally classified as fruits in American culture?
(a) Avocados and pistachios.
(b) Olives and walnuts.
(c) Summer squash and almonds.
(d) Tomatoes and Zucchini.

3. What are the forbidden fruits Allende is talking about?
(a) Papaya.
(b) Star fruit.
(c) Apples.
(d) Oral sex.

4. The history orforgies is as varied and colorful as what?
(a) Humankind.
(b) Animalkind.
(c) Nature.
(d) The world.

5. What does Allende believe is the most powerful aphrodisiac?
(a) Wine.
(b) Lust.
(c) Chocolate.
(d) Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. What attracts Allende to her husband?

2. What is a delicacy in the Amazon jungle?

3. What is the purpose of an aphrodisiac?

4. What is the goal of this cult?

5. There is nothing better than what reading to fire up sexual desire?

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