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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Forbidden Herbs | The Orgy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who set up private orgies for Allende's mother?
(a) Her mother's first husband.
(b) Her mother's second husband.
(c) Her mother's friend.
(d) Her mother's boyfriend.

2. What do Allende and Shekter brainstorm?
(a) Vacations to take.
(b) Places to travel looking for aphrodisiacs.
(c) How to bring about world peace.
(d) Known aphrodisiacs.

3. What is the cause for the modern day obsession with variety?
(a) Loss of creativity, due to the rigid education systems.
(b) People having lost the gift of savoring simple things in life.
(c) Technology.
(d) Busy schedules.

4. Why does Allende receive a phone call from her stepson, Jason?
(a) He wants to know what is for dinner.
(b) He enjoys talking to his stepmother.
(c) He is seeking advice for a first date.
(d) He is hoping to get a later curfew.

5. What were herbs and spices grown in convent and monastery gardens used for?
(a) Medicinal purposes.
(b) Preserving food.
(c) Flavoring food.
(d) Aphrodisiac purposes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was initially used to preserve food in hot countries?

2. How does the chapter close?

3. What spices are on this list?

4. How are a man and woman's sensitivities to smell?

5. What is Panchita's art?

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