Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso | Mea Culpa of the Culpable

1. What does the author Isabel Allende discuss in the introduction?
(a) The connections between people, sensory perception, and memory.
(b) The powers of nature.
(c) That men are from Mars and women are from Venus.
(d) Her various trips around the world.

2. With what are all the important people in Allende's life associated?
(a) One type of food.
(b) Specific smell.
(c) Specific foods.
(d) Specific sounds.

3. What is the purpose of an aphrodisiac?
(a) To populate the world.
(b) To make people kind to one another.
(c) To incite passion.
(d) To promote love.

4. What does the "Mea Culpa of the Culpable" section introduce?
(a) The members of Allende's family.
(b) Various plants that are aphrodisiacs.
(c) Meats that are considered sensual.
(d) The people who collaborated with Allende on this work.

5. What do Allende and Shekter brainstorm?
(a) How to bring about world peace.
(b) Vacations to take.
(c) Known aphrodisiacs.
(d) Places to travel looking for aphrodisiacs.

6. What is Panchita's art?
(a) Cooking.
(b) Painting.
(c) Singing.
(d) Gardening.

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