Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses Character Descriptions

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Isabel Allende - This character introduces herself at the beginning as a woman at the doorstep of her fifties, the last hour of dusk, in which she reflects on her life and her past relationship with food and eroticism. However, this character's larger focus is the power of sensory experience: she states that her memories are closely associated with the senses.

Carmen Balcells - The author thanks this character for making her famous Catalan stew whenever the she visits her in Barcelona. This character is another hard-core chef, a confident ruler of her kitchen where, wrapped in her apron, a kerchief around her head and a string of curses upon her lips, she creates miracles of aphrodisiac cuisine.

John Wayne Bobbitt - This character is the American husband whose wife, fed up with violence and abuse, made international news when she cut off his penis.


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