Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso | Mea Culpa of the Culpable

• The author, Isabel Allende discusses the connections between people, sensory perception, and memory.

• The people who collaborated with Allende are the illustrator Robert Shekter, her mother Panchita Llona, and her agent Carmen Balcells.

Aphrodisiacs | The Spice is in Variety

• Allende defines an aphrodisiac as "any substance or activity that piques amorous desire."

• Variety and sex education are important.

The Good Table | Cooking in the Nude

• Allende's family's values had to do with the mind and spirit, and earthly pleasures, such as fine dining, were not added until her mother married a diplomat.

• Skill in the kitchen is more important for a man to have than physical appearance.

The Spell of Aromas | Death by Perfume

• Aromas are important and play many roles in human attraction and repulsion.

• Allende tells a story about a Japanese woman who kills her lover with...

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