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1. What is the premise of ANYWHERE BUT HERE?

ANYWHERE BUT HERE is the poignant, hilarious, touching story of the childhood of Ann August. As the story opens, Ann's mother has decided to leave her second husband and move from Bay City, Wisconsin to L.A. to make her 12-year-old daughter a star. They have packed everything they own into Adele's pristine, white Lincoln Continental.

2. How does Adele pay for the trip to California?

Along the way, they stay in cheap Travel Lodge motels and eat in the attached coffee shops so they can charge everything on a Mobile credit card stolen from Ann's stepfather, Ted.

3. Describe Ann's relationship with her mother.

This section illuminates Ann's precarious relationship with her shallow, narcissistic mother, Adele. Like any child, Ann craves her mother's attention and love. She is completely dependent on her mother financially and emotionally. Adele has shown that she is entirely capable of abandoning Ann, just driving off and never returning. Yet, being close to Adele carries dangers of its own, including being touched in ways that make Ann uncomfortable. Adele is unstable, neurotic, pretentious, manipulative and overly involved with her daughter's life in an inappropriate way. Adele depends upon Ann for all the companionship, love and passion that she needs because Adele is unable to sustain an adult friendship or romantic relationship.

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