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Ann August

Anywhere But Here follows the life of this character from the age of four to her early twenties, through a turbulent childhood with a difficult, emotionally unstable mother.

Adele August

She is by turn captivating, charming, insightful, and intelligent, but pathologically narcissistic, self-centered and imagines that she is superior to all of those around her, destined by her DNA to achieve greater things than other people.

Gramma Lillian

Ann's deepest emotional connection is to this character who has endured disappointments of her own, including not being able to go to college because she became pregnant at the age of 17.

Aunt Carol

In her twenties, she was one of the few women to volunteer for World War II, serving in Chicago and later in France, where she met and married a dashing young member of the French Resistance, who died a tragic death.


He is an...

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