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Part One: Ann

• As the novel opens, twelve-year-old Ann August is traveling from Bay City, Wisconsin, to Los Angeles, California, with her mother, Adele.

• Adele hopes that Ann will become a child star, so they pack up everything they own in a white Lincoln Continental and head out, leaving Adele's husband, Ted, behind.

• Adele makes a detour in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she pretends to be a wealthy woman, to have a realtor show her a mansion on the pretense of buying.
• Adele sparks an argument with Ann, and in a scene that is repeated all the way across the country, Adele simply stops the car, opens the door and forces Ann to get out.

• Adele then drives away, leaving Ann crying until she returns.

• In Nevada, Adele again forces Ann out of the car, but this time Ann walks to a gas station to phone her grandmother just...

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