Objects & Places from Anything Is Possible

Elizabeth Strout
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These objects represent the inability for people to identify with the pain and suffering of others. They are located in the field where Patty Nicely once made out with boys from school.

Dairy Farm

This setting symbolizes the past as an ideal rather than a reality. Tommy Guptill looks back on this past in Chapter 1, "The Sign."

Guest Room

This setting represents exposure and entrapment in Chapter 3, "Cracked."


This setting in Chapter 5, "Mississippi Mary" represents freedom and a new future.

Bed and Breakfast

This setting is featured in two stories and signifies success for Dottie Blaine.

Lucy Barton

This character in the novel represents success after humble beginnings.

"Sewing and Alterations" Sign

This object in Chapter 1, "The Sign" represents the past and the abuses of the Barton parents.


This object was given to Dottie from Abel in their childhood after Dottie had been humiliated in...

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